Tampa-Stop #1 Falling Waters State Park

Falling Waters State Park was a place to stay the night on our way to Tampa. It was the first of three Florida State Parks on this trip. The park has Florida’s tallest waterfall, which is 73 feet. A gristmill was powered by the waterfall during the Civil War.

This trip was primarily to visit family in Tampa, but we did not want drive  the ten-hours to get there in one day.  Falling Rivers State Park is roughly at the half-way point, which worked very well for us.

We reserved site #3 and were very happy with it.  It was on a pull-through concrete slab and, for the first time, I parked us at our campsite.  My husband is the back-up king and getting us installed at campsites has always been his job.

This was our first Florida State Park and we really liked it.  It was a small campground, but very well-maintained.  Typical of state parks we have visited, it has electrical and water, but no sewer or cable.  There is an older bathhouse and two newer family bathrooms with heat.  There is also a dishwashing area.

We did not disconnect from our tow vehicle as we were not leaving the park until the next morning.  We had a late lunch in Dothan, Alabama, at the Thai House, so dinner was only minimal snacks.  By the way, the food at Thai House was delicious.

Site #3 Falling Waters State Park

We removed items stored in the cabin and set them under the galley door to protect from moisture. We did not set up any tents, not even the privacy tent, as the bathhouse was very close.  In the photo below, you can see the bathhouse from our site.

Bathhouse in the background

We had a couple of hours of daylight left, which we used to check out the waterfall and the sinkhole into which it flows.  It was an easy walk to the waterfall with a path that was mostly level trail with an abundance of boardwalks along the way.

Trail to the waterfall
Boardwalks along the path

We had inquired if the waterfall had very much water and already knew it had been dry in the area and it was only a trickle, so it was not a disappointment.  It was interesting to see it with the sinkhole below.  It was certainly worth the pleasant walk to get there.

The waterfall
The sinkhole

The sign below reminded me that we are in Florida and alligators are everywhere. Not a pleasant thought when you think about getting up in the middle of the night and walking to the bathhouse. I kept my flashlight close.

Alligators have been known to attack humans

We showered when we arrived back at our camper and had some snacks, then we settled in for the night.   We are off daylight savings time and it gets dark early.  It was cool to be outside, but very comfortable in our camper.

We tested our little makeshift air antenna and were pleasantly surprised to see that it pulled in ten stations, all with a great picture.  Of course, results would vary greatly by location.  I like it because it is so small and easy to store and retrieve.

Air antenna

There was a gentle rain most of the night.  We had our fan vent slightly open but rain did not penetrate our cabin.  We were warm and comfortable.

The next morning, there was very little to do before leaving as we were having breakfast on the road. Next stop, Hillsborough River State Park, which is in the Tampa area.


Falling Waters State Park


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